Mobile Carts

Designed by Ergotron

Ergotron mobile carts wheel wherever they are needed to transform any space into a productive sit-stand environment, bringing movement, flexibility, user comfort, and well-being to the work environment. Multiple customization options are available to suit a range of workflows and workstyles, making them ideal for education, healthcare, and hospitality use.


Keeping People Moving

Effortlessly moving to the point of need, Ergotron mobile carts have a platform surface that can accommodate almost any tablet or laptop, with customization options to allow for even greater flexibility and workflow efficiency. The truly ergonomic design quickly and easily adjusts to suit the largest range of seated and standing users for comfort at any height, reducing eye, neck, and back strain.

Durable, Dependable Performance

Patented technology in all Ergotron mobile carts provides extreme stability throughout the range of height-adjustable motion, for years of trouble-free adjustment and longevity in the workspace.

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Variety in Customization Options

Monitor arms, extensions, and conversion kits are available to easily equip and customize Ergotron mobile carts with monitors, keyboards, laptops, tablets, and storage, offering even greater efficiency and flexibility-anywhere there is a need. 

Product Details

LearnFit® Sit-Stand Desk
• Adjusts to fit ages 12 through adult for sit-stand, or ages 6 and above for stand-only
LearnFit Adjustable Standing Desk
• Adjusts to fit ages 9 through adult at standing height
TeachWell® Mobile Digital Workspace
• Lets you un-tether from a desk with your computer, keyboard, mouse, and other technology
Neo-Flex® Laptop Cart
• Easily maneuvers into tight spots with your laptop, mouse, barcode scanner, and other equipment right on board

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About the Ergotron Partnership

Ergotron provides affordable ergonomic products to computer users for comfort, wellness, and improved productivity in the workplace. Haworth has partnered with Ergotron to expand and ease access to these products. All Ergotron accessories offered by Haworth are manufactured, branded, and shipped by Ergotron, which is based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Warranties and service calls are also managed by Ergotron.

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