Ergotron WorkFit Sit-Stand Workstation

Designed by Ergotron

Ergotron WorkFit Sit-Stand Workstations provide an easy, flexible standing desk solution, which quickly converts a tabletop to a versatile sit-stand workstation, bringing movement, flexibility, user comfort, and well-being to the work environment. Ideal for smaller floorplans and shared spaces, WorkFit Sit-Stand Workstations are available in three types to fit nearly any existing table or desktop to free up usable working area, while promoting collaboration and workflow efficiencies for diverse tasks and workstyles.


Keeping People Moving

WorkFit Sit-Stand Workstations instantly adjust to the desired height for sitting or standing, to allow users greater freedom of movement and control over their own comfort while working, with no cranks or motors to engage. Smooth extension and retraction motions allow for easy positioning of monitors and equipment to help reduce eye, neck, and back strain.

Durable, Dependable Performance

Patented Constant Force® technology in all Ergotron WorkFit Sit-Stand Workstations provides extreme stability throughout the range of motion and will not tip or drop height when leaned on. Ergotron’s 10,000-cycle motion test also ensures years of trouble-free adjustment and longevity in the workspace.

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Variety in Space-Saving Mounting Options

Three types of WorkFit Sit-Stand Workstations allow for simple installation on just about any existing tabletop or desktop. Each has a sleek, streamlined design to reduce clutter and free up space, promoting greater productivity and efficiency.

About the Ergotron Partnership

Ergotron provides affordable ergonomic products to computer users for comfort, wellness, and improved productivity in the workplace. Haworth has partnered with Ergotron to expand and ease access to these products. All Ergotron accessories offered by Haworth are manufactured, branded, and shipped by Ergotron, which is based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Warranties and service calls are also managed by Ergotron.

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