Walking on Air: Building the Foundation for High-Performance Workspace 2.0

AIA Course #:HAW527; HSW
IDCEC Course #: CC-106026; HSW
USGBC Course #: 920011966
Subject Code: 5. Technical Knowledge / 8. Floor Coverings

One Hour Course

Course Description: 

This presentation discusses the changes in the market that are driving the use of underfloor air. It covers the concept of how underfloor air works, the cost savings in energy efficiency by designing and running a facility with underfloor air, as well as, the health benefits of improved occupant comfort. Details related to sustainability in LEED, WELL Building Standard and the ASHRAE standard updates are shared. This presentation provides keys to successful underfloor air installations and frequently asked questions about designing with underfloor air and raised access floor.

Course Objectives:

◦ Understand how to connect business needs with building design strategy
◦ Understand underfloor air systems vs. overhead HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning)
◦ Understand how access floor integrates with the building and affects other trades
◦ Lessons in UFAD (underfloor air distribution) design

Content Outline:

1. Introduction:
◦ General business needs and trends
◦ LEED and WELL Building standard
2. Overhead air versus underfloor air delivery and the benefits
3. The mechanics of an underfloor air delivery system
4. Keys to success in implementing an underfloor air system
5. Frequently asked questions about designing with an underfloor air system
◦ Application examples
6. Costs of underfloor air and raised access flooring
7. Portfolio Examples
8. Summary and Conclusion