Our global headquarters, One Haworth Center, is located in West Michigan and home to more than a quarter of our 7,000+ members worldwide. 

In 2008, its renovation laid the framework to transform our space into a future-proof, adaptable design that responds to the evolution of our work and strategies. This purposeful design, driven by our Organic Workspace® approach, created a cohesive environment that functions and operates efficiently today. 
Four key drivers influenced the design.

Concept testing in process – a “space within a space.”

Create a living lab to measure workplace knowledge and research.

One Haworth Center is

LEED® Gold

Employ sustainable design to demonstrate our core values.

Our unique timber wall is
made from old-growth wood
that sank in the Great
Lakes while being
shipped in the 19th Century.


of our members
have access to
natural daylight.

We have

311,140 sq. ft.
of office space.

Use the building as a tool to transform Haworth from supplier to partner.

173 acres
make up our Holland,
Michigan campus.

Design an unforgettable client experience.

“When I walk through the front door and look down the atrium, it still puts a smile on my face—even after ten years.”

- Dick Haworth, Chairman Emeritus

Key Features
  • chassis-design-haworth-hq


    Exclusive to Haworth, our chassis design is a unique feature built on zone logic that enables maximum flexibility in space planning.

  • haworth-hq-green-roof


    Our 45,000-sq. ft., walkable green roof is made up of 11 varieties of sedum. It serves as both an acoustic and thermal insulator, while cooling and filtering the air inside.
  • haworth-office-furniture-hq


    The building site was graded to erect an atrium that provides 90% of our members with access to daylight and outdoor views.

  • haworth-hq-living-lab


    Our entire office space is a living lab where we test our workplace knowledge and research with concepts, prototypes, and applications during development.

  • HQ_LandingPage_Wireframe_C5_37


    Several manufacturing plants, as well as our distribution and recycling centers, are adjacent to our office headquarters. Nearly 1.5 million sq. ft. are dedicated to manufacturing.

  • HQ_LandingPage_Wireframe_C5_43


    This gallery revisits design concepts over Haworth's 70 years of innovation, including predictions from the past about future ways of working.

A Preview of One Haworth Center

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